Output File Example

 FileNameDWG No.BodyName or ConfName  Explain
ComponentG001h14967_Example V1.SLDPRTG001h14967 Default  
PDF of ComponentG001h14967_Example V1.PDF   The same name as the SW file, no database input, no need to distinguish code names
DWG of ComponentG001h14967_Example V1.DWG
STEP of ComponentG001h14967_Example V1.STEP
Component DRWG001h14967_Example V1.SLDDRW Default  For one drawing files and multiple drawings, the cutting list item name is used as the unique drawing index; multi-configuration is the same as multi-entity
Body1 DrawinCutListItem1
Body2 DrawingCutListItem2
Body3 DrawingCutListItem3
Body4 DrawingCutListItem4
STEP of 1G001h14967+CutListItem1_Example.STEPG001h14967+CutListItem1   According to the cutlistiteam name, output a unique STEP file
STEP of 2G001h14967+CutListItem2_Example.STEPG001h14967+CutListItem2  
STEP of 3G001h14967+CutListItem3_Example.STEPG001h14967+CutListItem3  
STEP of 4G001h14967+CutListItem4_Example.STEPG001h14967+CutListItem4  
SM Flat Drawing of 3G001h14967+Flat_Example V1.DWGG001h14967+Flat    One file, Multiple drawings
SM Flat Drawing of 4  

The DWG No. has uniqueness