Command and Templat file

Command Template file
Draf Standards \SWTDODT\Drafting Standards
TitleBlock Rep \SWTDODT\Sheet Formats
CreateView3 A1-A4 \SWTDODT\Document templates\MEzbw
BOM \SWTDODT\Bom templates
Cutlist \SWTDODT\Weldment Cut List Templates
Get No. New \SWTDODT\Document templates\MEzbw
SM Flatten SM OneFile \SWTDODT\Document templates\MEzbw\OneFile.DRWDOT
Draw Output DXF、DWG Map \SWTDODT\DWG Map
Propties \SWTDODT\Custom Property Files
Process \SWTDODT\Custom Property Files\Process.txt
Paint \SWTDODT\Custom Property Files\Paint.txt
PartType \SWTDODT\Custom Property Files\PartType.txt
FileType Attention! Cannot be manually modified, only for initialization and internal modification \SWTDODT\Custom Property Files\FileType.txt